RIYC October 2018 Newsletter

Commodore’s Message – Gary Annino


At the time of this writing, the official RIYC boating season is over and the Club has been decommissioned.

  • First, I’d like to note that in accordance with the bylaws the Club’s finances had been audited prior to the annual meeting.  The audit committee identified no findings or concerns but has made three recommendations on how the Club’s finances are administered.  The Board of Trustees are currently considering how to best implement the recommendations and we will follow up on these at future Board meetings. We are actively planning for next summer’s boating season and a few planned improvements to the Club’s facilities including paving of the Club parking lot.  If someone has the time and is willing to supervise the paving, please contact me directly.  It would be good to have a point person identified and included in the bidding and award of this effort.

The New Board of Trustees and Committees

Gary Annino Commodore
Blake Powell Vice Commodore
Amy Leger Rear Commodore
Kathy Parker Secretary
Mary Giblin Treasurer
John Watson LRP/ Facilities Improvement
Tina McLoughlin Race Ashore
Fred Haberlandt House
Matt Champney Dock
Moise Solomon Race Afloat
Sandy Turner Dock
Frank Bohlen House
Ann Bergandahl Jr Sailing
Rodney Denman Entertainment
Tina McLoughlin Thursday Nights
Denise Kennedy Entertainment
Rob Warn Jr sailing activities
Matt Lettrich House
John McCrea Dockmaster
Frank Conahan Yardmaster
Fred Haberlandt Housemaster
Frank Bohlen Housemaster
Chuck Chorlton Rental Coordinator
Valerie Grimm Merchandise

Report from the Entertainment Committee – Sandy Turner and Rodney Denman

Sixty-eight members attended the Annual Meeting. Everyone loved the food and good cheer.

Report from the Junior Program

Junior Sailing – Ann Bergendahl and Rob Warn

Junior Sailing is looking to purchase another used 420 and to retire one of the two 420’s that the club has owned for 12 years. The Trustees revisited the rationale for the club owning these boats.  The club boats are rented to junior sailors for use in the program and the rentals often go to kids whose are parents are not sailors.  Having boats available is a good way to “keep” them in the program and kids who remain generally end up purchasing their own.

Ann Bergendahl also noted that the landscape of sailing in the area is changing.  Mudratz and NESS both offer programs for more advanced sailors, however Jr. Sailing is committed to offering some options for learning double-handed sailing at RIYC.

The Trustee approved the purchase of the 420.

Report from the Race Committee

Race Ashore – Matt Curtiss and Race Afloat – Moise Solomon

The committees will meet in before the end of the year to debrief the last race and make recommendations for the coming year.

Report from the House Committee – Matt Lettrich

M. Lettrich, F. Haberlandt, and F. Bohlen will all be on House Committee this year, reflecting a large amount of anticipated work. Immediate plans include contacting a plumber to work on the outside heads as well as the upstairs shower, fixing the three downstairs doors, and addressing the flooring in the bar area. The code will be reset for the door after Decommissioning and members needing access should contact a Trustee for the new code.

Moise Solomon looked into saving money on our phone service during the winter months. As a result, he proposed the following:

  • Switching to a lower bandwidth in the winter; saving us approximately $40 per month
  • Purchasing a modem for the internet for approximately $60 instead of renting one for $9 per month
  • Transitioning to a VOIP system that includes 911, allows us to keep our phone number, and saves us $200 / year. It was noted that if there is no power the phone will not work.

The Trustees approved the action item proposed by Moise as a good way to save some operating costs and improve overall telephone service at the Club.

Report from the Waterfront Committee – Sandy Turner and Matt Champney

Float hauling was successfully completed. The floats were inspected and stored so repairs can be made and new floats built this winter. Thank you goes out to all the work party members.

The Waterfront Committee is looking for volunteers to help with float repair and construction this winter. If you are interested in being part of the construction crew on-call list, send your name to Sandy Turner (hturner1970@hotmail.com) and Matt Champney (mattchampney@gmail.com)


Last Voyage

New Members

Cruise News – Stan White

The Club will run two cruises next year – June and September. Please send your ideas of places to go to Stan White (swhite151@gmail.com).


We have added a new topic for the newsletter where Members may post, for one newsletter, an item they wish to sell. The item must be marine-related and the information to be sent to the RIYC Secretary must include:

  • Member Name
  • Member contact information
  • Detailed description and condition of the item wishing to be sold
  • Desired selling price


No listing this month.

One Fun Thing

Ram Island YC is just not for sailing – we have some great fishermen!

200 plus pound Thresher shark caught by Scott Loweth, Eric Farnsworth, Bill Strickland, and Ryan Cutler