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Temporary Rules Regarding COVID-19
Updated 6/23/20
Recent Changes: The COVID-19 Task Force and Trustees have revised the RIYC COVID rules to reflect Connecticut’s Phase 2 reopening rules. The primary changes include relaxation of the restrictions regarding the use of the grounds, picnic tables and grill. Overnight use of the dock is also permitted with Dockmaster approval. Club-sponsored social events remain on hold with the exception of Tuesday Night Dinners which will be managed in accordance with the Connecticut Sector Rules for Restaurants.

The Task Force is chartered with determining how RIYC can comply with and implement the established CDC guidelines and all related federal, state, and local laws and mandates. The following guidelines have been recommended by the RIYC COVID Committee and approved by the Trustees. These guidelines will be reviewed and revised periodically in response to changing circumstances. They are considered temporary amendments to the House and Dock Rules and are enforced as dictated by the By-Laws of the Club.

Waterfront Access

Access to dock and boat ramp is allowed under the current guidelines. Overnight use of the dock is permitted with approval by the Dockmaster. No rafting at the dock is allowed.

Transient docking and inter-club reciprocation is currently not allowed.

If “loaner” moorings are available for use, it will be reviewed by the COVID Committee, Waterfront Committee & Dockmaster on a case by case basis.

Clubhouse and Grounds 

The clubhouse itself remains closed until further notice. No personal or social use is allowed. This includes the inside restrooms and kitchen.

The club exterior lavatories will remain in service and accessible for the members’ use.

The club grill is available for member use. Members must supply their own utensils.  

Picnic tables are available for use but must be spaced apart consistent with social distancing standards.

Adirondack chairs are to be spaced a minimum of 6 ft apart consistent with social distancing standards. 

The ice machine will remain secured/off to reduce a common high touch point and discourage unnecessary entry into the clubhouse.

An outdoor hand washing and/or disinfection station will be installed for member convenience.

The Steward’s primary responsibilities are maintenance tasks. Please maintain appropriate social distance with the Steward. A professional cleaning service also cleans the clubhouse and outdoor restrooms periodically. However, members are expected to clean and disinfect after themselves.

Clubhouse Rentals 

No new club rentals will be scheduled until further notice.

Social / Entertainment Activities

Club-sponsored social events will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the COVID-19 Task Force and Trustees. Any Club-sponsored social event must follow local, state and federal health authority guidelines. 


The swing set is available for use. 


The swim platform will remain open for use consistent with the existing dock rules. Proper social distancing is required and the swim platform. Proper supervision is the adult member’s responsibility.

Ideal 18s

Use of the Ideal 18’s boats will be subject to state guidelines in effect at that time and Ideal 18 checkout procedures . Sign up by members is similar as last year.

The RIYC Annual Regatta 

Planning continues for the 75th RIYC regatta on August 29th, including contingencies such as reduced gatherings or cancellation. The status will be re-evaluated as guidance and conditions evolve.

The Junior Sailing Program

Planning continues consistent with the State guidance allowing camps to operate beginning 29 June. Preliminary rules specific to Junior Sailing are posted on the RIYC web site.


  • Blake Powell (Commodore & Sponsor)

  • Gary Annino (lead, Trustee)

  • Moise Solomon (Trustee)

  • Carol Fiftal (RIYC Member & MD)

  • Matt Curtiss (RIYC Member & Legal Advisor)


  • If you feel unwell or are at risk due to existing health issues, please avoid using the club and facilities. 

  • Please monitor your temperature prior to coming to the club. 

  • If you have been exposed to others who have COVID-19 or have any cold symptoms, please avoid the club premises for 14 days.

  • Any confirmed or suspected COVID-19 exposure of a member or a guest who was at the club within 3 days of symptoms appearing should be reported to a Ram Island Trustee or Flag Officer to facilitate anonymous notification of other members.

  • Please be courteous and practice safe social distancing practices of 6+ feet apart from people who do not live in your own household.

  • The Adirondack chairs and picnic tables may be used consistent with social distancing guidelines. Please do not relocate the tables or chairs. Anyone using the tables or chairs are expected to sanitize them before and after use.

  • Follow current CDC and State personal protective recommendations for Phase 2 reopening including: 

    • Face coverings - wear a surgical style mask or other face covering (e.g. cloth mask) that completely covers the nose and mouth within 6 ft of those not in the same household, unless doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety due to medical conditions, and except when eating. 

    • Maintaining social distance - Members and guest shall remain 6 ft apart, excluding immediate family members, caretakers, and house-hold members except when eating.

  • Club Members (and sponsored guests) are expected to provide their own: 

    • Masks

    • Hand sanitizer

    • Gloves

    • Disinfectant wipes

    • Drinking water 

  • Please do not share:

    • Personal water bottles

    • Food

    • Gear/Equipment

    • Sunscreen

    • Towels

    • Commonly used items

  • Please plan to use the restroom before you arrive at the club, and/or the head on your own boat. If a member or sponsored guest must use the outdoor restroom, they must wear a mask, and wipe down all touched surfaces with disinfectant as they leave. 

  • All members and sponsored guests should thoroughly wash hands before arriving and after leaving the club. 

  • Dock carts, hoses, ladders and other shared equipment must be disinfected between uses. It’s up to the user to wipe down or wash touched points after use. Members should BYO carts, hoses, equipment and tools. 

  • Club Dyer Dinghy should be used by one person at a time or close family members living together. The user must disinfect touch points afterward.

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