RIYC November 2018 Newsletter

Commodore’s Message – Gary Annino

  • Greetings:
  • First – Let’s talk about the social events – The Holiday season is upon us and the Entertainment Committee is planning accordingly.  Of special note the following events are scheduled:
    • RIYC/Mudheads Children’s Christmas Party – December 1 from 1-3 pm at RIYC
    • RIYC Holiday party is scheduled for December 8 from 6-8 pm at RIYC

    As Commodore, I’m hoping to see everyone at the Dec. 8 Holiday Party.  It will be a special event with great food and an award presentation. The Trustees will hold their final 2018 meeting on Dec. 11.

    At the November Board of Trustees meeting, there was an exciting update from the Long-Range Planning committee (Blake Powell, John Watson, and Fred Haberlandt).  They presented a well-thought-out approach to creating a common vision and a plan to align our resources and actions as we develop future membership, programs, and facilities.  The plan will include short and long-range facility requirements identified by the Club committee chairs, the feedback all of you provided in the membership survey and an eye toward refreshing the Club’s mission and a supporting vision statement. Please pay close attention for upcoming communications from this team.  It’s a large undertaking but very important for the Club’s existence now and in the future.

    Last but not least some exciting feedback about our young sailors who represent us outside of Fisher’s Island Sound. Two 2018 Ames fund recipients recently posted significant results:

    • Tyler Bergendahl competed at the Bermuda Optimist Nationals and finished with an impressive 33 out of more than sixty boats hailing from four countries. These are impressive results at an international event with BIG breeze and tough
    • Chris Annino and Tyler Bergendal also competed at the Halloween at Sail Newport on October 28th in different classes. Chris placed first the c420 fleet, and Tyler placed 4th in red fleet/6th overall in the Optimist class.

    It’s great to see “RIYC” high on the regatta results board from our Ames 2018 Fund recipients!

    Happy Holidays

Report from the Entertainment Committee – Rodney Denman and Denise Kennedy

Rodney Denman reported that there have been 2 events since the last meeting. Decommissioning was attended by about 60 members, and the first Frugal of the season was attended by about 70 members.

The Committee needs the membership to step up and host or help with the many events. Contact Rodney or Denise. Get involved!

Report from the Junior Program

Junior Sailing – Ann Bergendahl and Rob Warn

All of the boats have been put to bed for the season. The Junior program is working with Cindy Nickerson to explore collaborations with NESS and other yacht clubs.  The kids’ Christmas party will be from 1-3pm on December 1. The Mudheads are invited as well and will split the cost.  Moise Solomon suggested inviting other yacht clubs as well.  Any additional attendees can be easily absorbed as it is an inexpensive party to organize.

Report from the Race Committee

Race Ashore – Tina McLoughlin and Race Afloat – Moise Solomon

The committees will meet in before the end of the year to debrief the last race and make recommendations for the coming year.

Report from the House Committee – Matt Lettrich and Fred Haberlandt

The House Committee is finalizing plans for this winter and spring in conjunction with the Long Range Planning/Facilities Improvement Committee.

Long Range Planning/Facilities Improvement Committee – Blake Powell, John Watson, and Fred Haberlandt

Blake Powell summarized for the Board the earlier Strategic Planning Exercises, which highlighted seven areas of focus coming out of the exercise. At this point, we are focusing on continuing to work with the membership to further define the next steps.

The LRP subcommittee chose 2041 as the focal point for a shared Mission and Vision – this will be the 100th birthday of the club.  At this time, the club’s Mission is not well known and will be revisited by the Committee and the Board.  The Board will focus on refining the Mission and will share and gain consensus across the broader Membership.

The proposed plan is to establish three subcommittees that will group the seven areas of focus (as well as some additional subcommittees that have already kicked off) from the original exercise.  These three subcommittees will work in January and February to build strategic plans for their respective areas and align them with the overall vision.  The plans will incorporate previous input from membership and should include existing near-term initiatives, such as maintenance and improvements.  In March and April, the subcommittees will then build a strategic plan, integrating across of the subcommittee areas, to define a single set of actionable and fundable requirements for the near term (2020), mid-term (2025), and long-term (2041).

The final plan will establish a shared vision and will need to accommodate changes as the Club moves forward.   Various scenarios will be explored including what the Club might propose at varying levels of funding.

The goal will be to rely on internal and external experts to gain an understanding of the broader environment.  For instance, Moise Solomon mentioned a coastal study that Groton completed; that type of material would be helpful for “resilience to weather events”.

John Watson will be contacting identified individuals to serve on the subcommittees.

Report from the Waterfront Committee – Sandy Turner and Matt Champney

The freshwater system on the docks has been drained for the winter.

The Waterfront Committee is looking for volunteers to help with float repair and construction this winter. If you are interested in being part of the construction crew on-call list, send your name to Sandy Turner (hturner1970@hotmail.com) and Matt Champney (mattchampney@gmail.com)

Those members looking for dinghy dock space for next year should contact John McCrea.



Last Voyage

Steve Allen – November 20, 2018 https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/theday/obituary.aspx?n=stephen-j-allen&pid=190857370&fhid=6910

New Members


Cruise News – Stan White

The Club will run two cruises next year – June and September. Please send your ideas of places to go to Stan White (swhite151@gmail.com).


We have added a new topic for the newsletter where Members may post, for one newsletter, an item they wish to sell. The item must be marine-related and the information to be sent to the RIYC Secretary must include:

  • Member Name
  • Member contact information
  • Detailed description and condition of the item wishing to be sold
  • Desired selling price


No listing this month.

One Fun Thing (?)

Climate change is here!

2018-10-27 Nor’easter