RIYC September 2018 Newsletter

Commodore’s Message – Gary Annino


The summer seems to be winding down quickly but I’m pleased to report the water is still warm and the boat traffic is dropping precipitously!  I believe that this is the best time of year to enjoy the water.

Below are a few highlights from the past month and a couple of items to put on the calendar:

  • Our Line of Credit (LOC) has been established – Many thanks to Mary Giblin for her great work!
    • The established rate is Prime plus 0.5%
    • Chelsea Groton waived its fee for this effort.
  • Jr Sailing graduation is complete and the program has moved into 2019 pre-planning
  • The Labor Day Picnic had a great turnout with approximately 110 people in attendance.
  • Please mark your calendars:
    • The RIYC annual meeting is scheduled for 9/29/18
    • The floating docks are scheduled to be hauled on 10/13/18

Of special note – I’d like to thank the Race Ashore and Race Afloat teams for hosting yet another great Ram Island Regatta.  It was very well received by the entrants and included an impressive enrollment (60 Boats) at a time when the attendance at several regattas has dropped off significantly.  The Board of Trustees believes a key component of the health of the sport of sailing is the involvement of youth and as such we wholeheartedly supported the decision to waive the enrollment fee of the Mudratz sailing Team (two boats).  This seemingly minor act provided the experience of competitive sailing to approximately a dozen young sailors from our community.  It is also a proactive response to the feedback from the membership that RIYC increases its philanthropic activities.  Well done by the Race Committee Chairs, The Flag Officers the entire Board of Trustees for their forward thinking and action.

Report from the Entertainment Committee – Sandy Turner and Rodney Denman

The Labor Day Picnic was a Success! The time change to 4-6pm has proven to be positive with attendance. The evite showed 140 yes. The Trustee’s worked well with setup, grilling and cleanup. The members that came to the event brought a variety of side dishes and desserts that complimented the theme. Our club has a lot of creative foodies. The weather was great for the event.

Next, The Clam Bar Party! A complete success! There were 86 in attendance plus crew. We to recognize The Hosts: Jane and Danny Spear and their Committee: Ed and Ellen Dieckerhoff, Fred and Stella Haberlandt, Kevin and Carol Fiftal (and Kevin’s Sous Chefs), Tom Morgan and April, Mary Giblin, and Janice Scott. The food was Amazing! The hors d’oeuvres were very creative and fit with the party theme. THE SHUCKERS: Danny Spear, Ed Dieckerhoff, Ed O’Donnell, Roger Sherman, Dana Avery, Mac Turner, Sandy Turner, Stan White. Job Well Done!

Entertainment would like to remind members of the next event – The Annual Meeting. September 29, 2018.

There is a sign-up board for future parties at the club. Also, a clip board on bar for signing up. Please contact Sandy Turner or Rodney Denman if you can work the Annual Meeting and future parties.

Report from the Junior Program

Junior Sailing – Ann Bergendahl and Rob Warn

The kids vacuumed and cleaned the upstairs and did a great job! Jr. Sailing broke-even this year, even with the added expense of the prop guards. Ann Bergendahl debriefed the sailors and instructors who generated many great ideas for how to make the club more attractive for junior sailors.

Junior Activities / Thursday Nights – Tina McLoughlin

Everything went very smoothly this summer. The food trucks were very popular this summer and we will try to have more next summer.

Report from the Race Committee

Race Ashore – Matt Curtiss

The party was very successful. Sailors really like the RIYC party – the deviled eggs and meatballs are a perennial favorite. A goal is to get more people involved so there can be more “shifts”. Many people end up working all day.

Race Afloat – Moise Solomon

The weather was perfect and the Race Committee did a great job getting everyone off. Sixty boats participated, the same as last year. There were several one-design classes. The Race Afloat Committee waived the fee for two Mudratz boats, gave out trophies to a class with only 2 entrants, and gave awards to several individuals who had worked on the race committee boat. The Trustees noted that these decisions were within the Committee’s authority and the Race Afloat Committee confirmed the club’s desire to encourage youth to sail and to recognize the hard work and long hours of those on the race committee boat.

Report from the House Committee – Matt Lettrich

Several issues were identified with some toilets and the toilets have been “patched”. This winter plumbing work will be scheduled to deal with the more serious issues. The doors to the club will be replaced over the next several months and a new router to replace a failed router will also be installed upstairs.

Report from the Waterfront Committee – Stan White

The floats are scheduled to be hauled on October 13th, starting at 08:00. Inspections of the floats will be made as they are hauled. Sandy Turner will be making a list of which floats need to be replaced or repaired.

The main pier had several broken boards that were replaced – thank you goes out to Danny Spear and his work crew.


Last Voyage

  • Hildegerd Lee, an honorary member

New Members

Todd and Joette Saniff – proposed by Gary Annino and second by Allen Kruger. Todd is active in the US Navy and they have two children. He will retire next year after 30 years as a Navy Seal. He has sailed with his brother Dana Saniff and Dave Nickerson for years. He and his son have been fishing with the Annino’s. They now reside in Guildford and are very excited to join the club and become active members.

Sam Oat-Judge – proposed by Cindy Nickerson and second by OJ O’Connell. Sam is active in the US Navy. His family has been involved with the family Don and Joan Oat; Pat Leuthner and Patricia Oat. Sailed growing up on Optis and 420’s and was also a Junior Instructor. He has been active in various sailing teams around the world.

Lea and Clint Kennedy – proposed by Tina McLoughlin and second by Matt Curtis. They have three children that have been active in junior sailing. They are interested to help out with Entertainment. Clint also would assist with website management.




Michael and Maura Niles – proposed by Caitlin Miner and second by Ann Bergendahl. They have four children and all love the water. Primarily power boaters; they live local and love the club and the area.

Cruise News – Stan White

The Fall 2018 cruise was short on boats but long in fun. The Kings, Connors and Whites made the trip to Block Island on September 14 and had Happy Hour on LARK. The Kings and Whites then traveled to Cuttyhunk where a solid walk ashore to the top of Cuttyhunk was made by both crews. Oysters and clams were enjoyed with Dark ‘n Stormies and wine later in the day.

Block Island 09/14/18
Block Island 09/14/18
Cuttyhunk 09/15/18


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