RIYC May 2019 Newsletter

Commodore’s Message – Gary Annino

The 2019 season is on!

The club is open and in full swing.  The Board has been busy ramping up for what has all the elements of a great season.

We are planning for the Memorial Day weekend events with full Steward coverage.  The picnic is scheduled for late afternoon to allow everyone to enjoy the holiday as they wish and ring in the summer properly as the sun sets.

The Board of trustees decided to extend the Ideal 18 pledge drive until the end of the month.  At the time of this update, the financial gap is ~$4,000, meaning we have pledges from club members for $12,000.  I have been impressed by some of the feedback ranging from “I’d love to take sailing lessons” to “we don’t have a boat in our lives right now and we’d really like to get on the water…”.  Probably the most impressive thing to note is that most of the donors own multiple boats and yet they feel passionate enough about exposing others to the water that they have made significant pledges.

If we can get 13 members to pledge $100/year for three years ($300 total) we will meet our goal.

I hope to see you all at Memorial Day picnic,

Report from the Entertainment Committee – R. Denman and D. Kennedy

Entertainment is reporting on two parties.  There were 101 attendees at the Commissioning Party and 81 at the May Frugal.   The Entertainment Checking Account is managed by the Entertainment Committee, is separate from the General Fund, and is not reported on by the Treasurer each month.  However, the Treasurer oversees the Entertainment Account through the Balance Sheet and reconciles monthly.   The goal each year is to break even or end up with some extra money to cover the cost of the Annual Meeting.  There is currently a positive balance.  The Trustees will review the balance in this account after the summer and determine how any excess funds should be spent.  The recently held Potluck Dinner was a success and will be reported in full next month.

Report from the Junior Program – A. Bergendahl and R. Warn

We’ve hired Ben Wilkinson as a sailing instructor.  Registrations are coming in nicely.   The program starts Monday, June 24.

Thursday Nights –  T. McLoughlin

Tina McLoughlin has arranged for 4 food trucks throughout the summer. It will be in the newsletter and website, and the Secretary will send a special email blast on the Tuesday prior to the Thursday Food Truck.

Report from the Race Committee – Race Ashore – T. McLoughlin and Race Afloat – M. Solomon

We have officially changed the party time to 5pm-7pm.  The 5pm party start is consistent with start times for other Regatta parties.  To help ensure everyone is clear on the timing, we will:

  • Announce at Memorial Day Picnic
  • Update the NOR
  • Provide an announcement in the Newsletter
  • Update the website
  • Mention in Race Instructions
  • Send a special email blast to RIYC members
  • The Commodore will send a special note out to the Commodores from other yacht clubs

Report from the House Committee – F. Bohlen, F. Haberlandt, M. Lettrich (C. Connor – Beautification)

The House Committee met on 8 May to update project status and establish priorities for ongoing work.

  • The south-side locker door project is in progress. The “build” team (Dan Spear) and an “installation” team (Jon Lathrop, Ed Dieckerhoff, Jim Rymash) will continue with the project through Locker 14 at which time there will be a break while team members attend to other commitments.  The project is expected to be completed this summer.  The support of members to open and empty lockers at  short notice of the installation effort is much appreciated.
    • Painting of the walkway overhead and installation of additional overhead lighting is being discussed.
    • Options to improve the appearance of the existing lower cinder block wall will be investigated.
  • Lattice work at the riverside ramp has been completed.
  • Upstairs heating vent covers have been sanded and freshly painted.
  • Plumbing repairs to replace the outside toilets and to repair the upstairs shower (approved last year) are complete. The next significant project will be to refurbish cosmetic and other deficiencies, including replacing the exhaust fan, in the outside bathrooms.
  • The six additional picnic tables (total of eight) have been assembled and are on the lawn.
  • The eight additional Adirondack-style chairs (total of 12) have been received and are on the lawn. The chairs will be “branded” to discourage the chairs from walking.
  • Replanting of the bed to the left of the front door is complete. The exterior light fixtures have also been replaced.
  • House will work with the Fire Department and alarm service to make sure that alarms are in working orders. In addition, House is also checking on the emergency chains in the outside bathroom to assess their function and correct as necessary.
  • Members will have the opportunity to pay to have their boat names on the new director’s chairs.

Bylaws Subcommittee – A. Leger

Amy Leger has received and made all updates.  Once all changes are finalized, the Board will schedule a special meeting.  The Board will send a letter highlighting high level changes, as well as pdf’s of the new documents, with reference to finding the existing Bylaws online.  The Board will indicate, based on the level of comments received, the Board will determine when to schedule the meeting.

Strategic / Long Range Planning – B. Powell, F. Haberlandt and J. Watson

The initial meeting of the Facilities subcommittee is scheduled for Tuesday, 21 May.  A white paper documenting house and grounds elevations and a forecast of tide levels out through 2050 was prepared by F. Bohlen.  We are seeing repetitive parking lot flooding events and this paper provides a basis for making informed decisions addressing resiliency of the club and its property into the future.

Mission Statement Process Discussion – the Trustees received a draft mission statement for review and discussion at the next meeting.

Report from the Waterfront Committee – S. Turner and M. Champney

The floats are in and parts of the Main pier have been repaired as mention in earlier updates.  The flagpole is up and waterfront is opened.  The Chairs will be monitoring the docks throughout the season for any repairs as needed.  The ladder on the floats will go in when it is closer to Junior Sailing Time.


Last Voyage

New Members

  • Peter Austin and Lena Holleran-Austin
  • Benjamin and Cristina Connell
  • Sara Kimball and family
  • Elizabeth (Betsy) Maltby
  • Yev Rapoport and Hannah Wilson
  • Matt Schoman
  • Danielle Smith

Cruise News – Stan White

Spring/Summer: July 12 – 14 Shelter Harbor (dinner at SHYC) and 3 Mile Harbor or Coecles Harbor (Saturday). Moorings at SIYC contact Tammi office@siyc.com

Fall: September 8 – 10 Block Island; Island bike ride and dinner out one night.

Please let Stan White (swhite151@gmail.com) know if you are thinking of joining either or both cruises.

Fun Stuff

In 1996 RIYC rebuilt the seawall in front of the Club. Wes Maxwell and Paul Connor were the designated sidewalk superintendents.


We have added a new topic for the newsletter where Members may post, for one newsletter, an item they wish to sell. The item must be marine-related and the information to be sent to the RIYC Secretary must include:

  • Member Name
  • Member contact information
  • Detailed description and condition of the item wishing to be sold
  • Desired selling price


No listing this month