March Newsletter

From the Commodore

  • Many thanks to Danny Spear and Mark Entwistle for their help procuring and assembling new dock carts.  Please remember that these are not to be used for mooring maintenance use.
  • The Board of Trustees has voted to upgrade/refresh the RIYC Web Site. We are excited about this long-awaited effort and many thanks to Rush Hambleton, Lorna Conahan, and Matt Curtiss for getting us to this step. We will provide further updates as this effort progresses. In the meantime, if you have photos (recent or historical), please forward them along for consideration to Rush (
  • The Board revisited the topic of paving the parking lot in 2018. Due to recent storm surge levels, initial feedback from the club survey, the cost & our capital reserves we have decided to push the paving project into 2019. We may want to raise the parking lot elevation a few inches to improve storm resistance and drainage. This gives us the opportunity to generate sufficient capital reserves, evaluate the survey results, determine if any regulatory approvals are needed due to the raising of the parking lot, develop the appropriate bid spec, and proceed most efficiently.
  • Please take the time to read the explanations of the Black Arrow and Hispaniola awards later in the newsletter. We ask that you give some consideration and feedback for nominations of these awards.
  • Also included in this newsletter are the newly drafted FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about RIYC to be provided to new members. Many thanks to Rear Commodore Amy Leger & others for developing this list. Please take the time to review the document & and kindly direct any suggested edits to Amy ( – Gary Annino 

Junior Sailing

Junior Sailing is still recruiting instructors. We have begun reaching out to participant’s parents, have assembled a Junior Sailing Committee, and have confirmed the program and regatta dates.  – Ann

House Committee

Thankfully there was no damage from the prior week’s storms (we hope tomorrow’s storm will be a non-event). C. Hamilton Builders has signed a contract to complete the siding on the south and west sides of the building (locker and front entry-way). They are expected to begin before the end of the month. Water has been seen leaking down the sail-loft window on the south side. This appears to be related to the downspout, not the roof and will be repaired “in-house”. – Matt Lettrich

Waterfront Committee

Several work parties have been held refurbishing floats and building one new float. All the floats will be ready for launching on April 7th! – Stan White


All members should have received your statement for dues and capital assessments. Your immediate payment is requested. – Mary Giblin

Cruise News

The Spring Cruise will be held June 22nd – 24th with the intended destinations of Shelter Island and Three Mile Harbor. SIYC Moorings: Wade Kotula ( Dinner Reservations: Emma Bowditch ( [Dress code for the East Deck (collared shirt and Jacket), the Bar and South Deck are more casual] • The Fall Cruise will be held September 14th – 17th with the intended destination of Block Island, Cuttyhunk and Third Beach. We might need four or five nights!

Suddenly Alone

The Cruising Club of America is hosting its Suddenly Alone Series at Ram Island on July 7 from 0900 to 1700 hrs. For more details click here.