Viper Regatta this Weekend

Just a friendly reminder that we are hosting the Viper 640 regatta with our guests at RIYC this weekend.  There will be five boats visiting – one wet-sailed and at the dock Friday & Saturday and four dry-sailed on trailers Friday & Saturday nights

RIYC Wins 2018 Boatwright Trophy

RIYC was invited to compete in the Boatwright Invitational Regatta among with Stonington Harbor Yacht Club and Wadawanuck Yacht Club on July 21, 2018.

The Boatwright Regatta is an invitational event hosted by the Wadawanuck Yacht Club and the Boatwright Trophy is awarded to the club who had the lowest cumulative score for all one-design classes and each club provided a one design class for competition.

Each boat finishing a race was scored points equal to her finishing place.   All participants must be adult members (21 or over) in good standing with their respective club.

There were three one-design classes. RIYC provided the Blue Jays thanks to Andy and Mary Giblin as well as Paul and Carol Connor.   The WAD Club provided 6 lasers and SHYC provided three ideal 18s. The Teams representing RIYC were:


Ideal 18 Dave Nickerson, Moise Solomon, Gary Annino
Blue Jays Paul and Carol Connor
Lasers (2) Carl Fast and OJ O’Connell

The competition was steep but the elements were in our favor. The breeze came up greater than 10 knots and that was sufficient to propel RIYC to victory.  We look forward to defending our win of the trophy next year. We believe that there will be more clubs present and they will be anxious to take the cup!

Great Volunteers Make for a Great Salle Evelyn Regatta

With some unstable weather on the sound, the RC held this year’s Salle Evelyn regatta in the mooring area SE of the clubhouse.  With thirty Club 420s, a pair of Blue-Jays and a crew of volunteers, it was loads of fun.  

Race committee consisted of PRO – Carol Connor, Gil Millsom,, Val Fast and Kelsey Conahan, Anne Wilkinson and Ann Bergendahl, with the always wonderful Chuck Chorlton on the mark boat.

Austin LaFrance Regatta a Great Success

84 Optis Sailors Have a Great Day On the Water

The Austin LaFrance Regatta was well attended with 84 registered sailors in the Green Fleet with Bob LaF & Carl Fast as the RC & the White, Blue, Red fleet led by Carol Connor & her team of Ann Bergendahl, Gil Millsonm, Val Fast & Linda Rambow with 40 boats on their circle in West Cove. 6 races were sailed in breeze from 4-12 knots.

Pretend Newsletter for June

Letter from the Commodore

We need to personally thank Matt Nelson from First T

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Please drive slowly on Front Street – tell a friend!

Please remember to drive slowly on Front Street

Our neighbors on Front Street, many of them fellow members, remind us that the narrow road frequented by junior sailors can be a dangerous place when cars speed.  Please drive slowly and have the courage to ask others to slow down when necessary. 

45 MPH
is a great speed for Front Street.

Flagpole Raising on Thursday

The weather looks good with temperatures near 60 degrees!  Bring a beer or wine to enjoy after helping to re-raise the flagpole which has now been repaired with the appropriate parts.  

Be there by 5:30pm this Thursday, because it should only take about 15 minutes so if you are late you may miss all the fun . . .

Floats floating!

An annual tradition, on Saturday morning about two dozen members met at the club to launch and secure the floats for the summer. Assisted by the team from Noank Village Marina and under the guidance of Danny Spear and others, the process was efficient and fun.  

Special thanks to the dock and house committees for their work in preparing for this day and for helping things run so smoothly. 

Thank you to Stan White for all the photos.